An Ingleside Update And WINNER…


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That was fun wasn’t it?

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You’re in?

Well ok you got it

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In the mean time

a little update on

Ingleside Farm.

We are going into our 5th month here,

holy jalapeños

can that really be true?!

The corn was just knee high

and now it’s gone

and they are liming all the fields.

I know what a loader and auger truck do.

I cornered an escaped baby calf.

Who is a girl

so she is a heifer

until she has a baby

and then she is a cow.


A little country knowledge thrown your way.

We pick left behind corn

from the fields and feed it to

“the ladies”

as Charlie refers to our little herd.

I watch them from my kitchen sink window.

Mama’s and babes

soaking up the sun,

rubbing noses,

drinking fresh milk,

and running around on knobby long legs.

We are going to family weddings,

and voting in a new REPUBLICAN governor in Illinois!


We are having soup buffets and crusty bread with family.

We are dancing to

Taylor Swift’s

Shake It Off

and planning our Thanksgiving Feast.

I see rosemary accents

and roasted stuffed pumpkins

sprinkled with holiday classics

like green bean casserole,

baked beans,

and of course

my dad’s famous

Seven Layer Salad.

A midwest classic

to accompany any holiday meal

and my dad’s one and only dish

that he makes.

Because he loves it so much

he wants to make sure

that it makes it to the party.

We are getting cozy over here

with fuzzy blankets,

warm slippers,

and infinity scarves.

Must. Have. Infinity. Scarf. Always.

I must have my neck covered

or I can’t be warm.

It’s a Germany thing

one you have experience that damp

cold, cold, COLD

you cover your neck.

I swear it stops you from getting sick.

Cross my heart and kiss my elbow.

Wear a scarf.

It’s more than fashion.

My current favorite

is my Cuddl-Dud infinity scarf/hood combo.

You can pull it up

and it is a hood

or just wear it as a scarf.

It’s perfect if you just want to cover your head

as you run from the car into Target.

It’s so soft and warm.

I want to start holiday crafting with Charlie.

I think we will make handprint turkeys today.

That’s a childhood classic right?

We are cuddling kittens

listening to

Little Women film score station on Pandora

and wishing we had a wood burning fireplace

to warm our tootsies.

We are getting first hair cuts,

Christmas shopping,

and already starting Christmas projects.

We are looking forward

to the first dusting of snow across the fields

and already dreaming

of what Santa will bring us.

A puppy?

A horsie?

A mermaid?

Not even a sleigh bell in sight

and I can already tell how magical

this holiday season can be for a little girl.

I am trying to decide whether or not

to plant bulbs this fall

or wait till next year.

The yard is begging for one last fall clean up

and my mums have all died

a windy country death.

I need to Pinterest

how to grow pumpkins

from the ones you bought this year.

So next year

Ingleside will be self-sufficient

in pumpkins and gourds.

How hard can they be?

I cornered a freakin’ calf.

I got this country thing.


Piece of pie.

Piece of pumpkin pie.


see what I did there?

That my friends

was a pumpkin pun…

I Need A Roll Of Brown Butcher Paper: A Story Of First World Problems…

I’ll tell you a tale,

a beautiful tale

of sadness and longing

for this….


I mean

I gotta have it.

My life depends

on brown butcher paper.

To be fair Martha,

I did think of this first.

Before I saw this

in your stinkin’ perfect magazine!

But since I live out in the boonies

I thought-

“where the heck am I gonna get a roll of brown butcher paper?”


“people are going to think I be crazy.”

I do actually talk to myself like that

don’t judge.

I had wanted to write a fall bucket list on it

but I think instead

we will write things

we are thankful for.

I almost like that idea more.


a bucket list

would have been cute.

Oh well,

you beat me to it this time Martha

but I get you girl-

I get you!

Keep up the

Good Things

because otherwise

who will reassure me

of my crafting ideas???

I do love you Martha.


where the hay

do I find a roll of butcher paper???

What would we do



Do you even remember

what that was like?

I have googled everything from


to how to break up with your boyfriend

in German.

How you say-

never mind.

Ya’ll don’t need to know

but let’s just say

google helped me get my point across

crystal clear….


google it

: )


you date one

you date them all.

Ok fine

we are friends

I’ll tell you

just a little….

He told me

we were never getting married,

we would never live together,

and we would have shared custody of our children.


and then some more


followed by some


And we weren’t breaking up here

or anything like that.

This is like 4th or 5th date

conversation material.


But he drove a motorcycle

and spoke 3 languages

and showed up looking like a contestant

on the bachlor

with a rose and a sports jacket

for our first date.


What I tell you?


First they reel you in

with roses

then they stomp on you with

their silly ideas they think they will make me conform to.


Silly boys.

Good thing I married someone who wants to be a man.

Can you imagine having

a child with someone

each of you living in your own home

just sharing the kid.

How is that even a relationship?

So weird.

I’m traditional.

I like all my people under one roof.

I want them to want to come home to me.

I will do everything I can to keep it that way.

So happy I found

the right person to make my home with.

A home to hang my brown butcher paper in.

See what I did there?

I tied it all together.

Sneaky huh?

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Kate Middleton Style Copy…

Ever since

I saw this picture


of Kate Middleton grocery shopping

in a shawl,

7th grade nerdy me

reeeeealllly wants one.

I love me a shawl.

Always have.

Always will.

You could find me in my younger days,

playing in a trailer

my dad had sitting

in the very back of our yard

right by the cornfield.

I would spend hours


I was out on the wagon trail

heading west

out on the trail

in the wagon train.

In my red shawl

that my mom had found for my dress up trunk.

I loved that shawl.

I could tell everyone else hated it.

They didn’t get it.

Most people don’t get me.

That shawl was like a time transport.

With that shawl.

I was on the prairie

in my wagon.

Fixing coffee and cornbread.

Defeating the odds

and reaching the west

to set up my homestead.

Imagination is a great thing.

I hope Charlie keeps hers as long as possible.

I will never judge.

I hope she feels free to express herself

who ever she is.

In honor of imagination,

I think I need a new shawl.

I wish I would have snagged this one 

when it was on sale on zulily

but alas,

I was too slow.

Would you were a shawl?

Or is that a little too

Little House on Prairie

for you?


Fashion Feelings?



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Gladiator and The St. Louis Symphony: A Day Of Culture…



I busted outta ma sweatpants

and into

my big girl clothes

for a day out on the town

in the gateway to the west.

Good ol’

St. Louis!

I wore boots

and my pretty black coat

and had tickets to an awesome show.

The movie Gladiator

with the musical score played live

by the St. Louis Symphony.

It was beautiful


extra awesome because I listen to the music

from that movie

on Pandora

all the time.

My current favorite station

is the Little Woman film score channel.

Yup a film score channel.

I love ‘em.

I walked down the aisle

to the opening song of Little Woman.

It was magical.

To me at least

and really isn’t the bride the only

one who really matters : )

just joshing you.

The best part of the show

by far

was the vocalist

Clara Sanabras


it was the vocalist from the actual movie!!!

(and The Hobbit!)

Her voice

was so beautiful

I can’t even describe to you

how cool that is to a nerd if you aren’t one.

It was just so, so lovely

to sit

in a beautiful place,

listening to beautiful music,

in complete relaxation mode.

I think I need to get out more guys.

I am discovering the magic

of peeing alone in a public restroom

and I have to say-

I like it.

I like it a lot.

(that was said in my best Austin Powers voice)

If you live in the St. Louis area

or you are from this area

and St. Louis is a day drive away from you

I highly recommend

seeing one of these movie/live performance combinations

by the St. Louis Symphony.

It makes a great date

I mean,

I went with my brother

and NOT my husband

but how that came about

after I got the tickets for Ryan’s birthday weekend

is a secret

that must remain a secret.

: ) my husband is lucky Ima nice blogger.

The tickets are very reasonable.

You can have grown up drinks and snacks.

There was a cheese plate,



served in glasses.

You can dress a little jazzy.

Get your hair all did up.

Wear some eye makeup perhaps?

Eat some St. Louis BBQ

Because that’s what my cousins husband recommends

and they are like walking travel apps.

They are awesome.

They are the people that discover these little hidden gems

off the side of the road,

know great spots to eat,

and have these travel adventures

that I just love and admire.

I want to pull over more often!

I want to discover hidden adventures!

They inspire me.

So you know,

 just make a day of it.

Drive slow,

hold hands,

pull over somewhere new to eat.

And enjoy some really great music

that anyone can enjoy

even if they aren’t so musically inclined.

The movie really makes it

all people friendly.

But most of all

just enjoy each others company!


just to make Monday a little better

Lorriane Gallagher

you won the mustard infinity scarf

from Ruby Bleu Boutique!!!

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I wore my Black Ponte Leggings

to the concert.

Comfy and chic

with a big shaggy sweater.

It was like undercover jammies

that I wore with boots.


Happy Monday!

Deep Thoughts On Writing: Don’t Try…

I have been trying to craft lately.


Ryan hates that word.

He always says

“Don’t tell me you will try to,

either say you will

or you won’t”


it use to be SO annoying.


Are you reading this

Mr. Sjuts?

It was annoying.

But it works I tell ya.

If you make a conscious effort

to erase


from your vocabulary

and force yourself

to face the fact that you can’t do something

or push yourself to finish what you start

or do what you said you would do.

And now I don’t say try.


when I say I have been trying to craft

I am saying

I’m not crafting right now.

I can’t tell you what it is

but I just don’t have the want to.

It sounds nice in theory

but honestly it’s so much nicer

to take a nap or sleep in

instead of waking at 5 am

to craft before the crazy one awakes.



I find myself writing.

Something I haven’t done in a long time.

Well I guess that’s not true

I write to all of you.

So outside of this space

I haven’t written for years.

Then I found this blog

and she writes this post

and now I’m all inspired and stuff

and looking at November as

the month.

The month I am going to put pen to paper

because that’s how my writing mojo comes out

I can’t type fiction.

I have to have the right pen

the right paper.

I’m not going to make any mom excuses.

You can find time for something you really want.

And I really want this.

So yeah.

I’m going to write my novel

by next November.


Notice the lack of try in that sentence.

In the words of deputy Peck

Holy Jalapeños!

I better get a plan.

Looks like my new craft room

should be part spare bedroom

part writing room.

I need a writing space.


check out the blog

Princess Burlap

and you will see

my new and sudden need for a writing room.

How comfy does that chair look?

Sooo comfy.

Also notice the symbolism of not having any image in this post

just my words to light up your day and hopefully for you to

elimnate the word


from your life.

And see what happens from now

until next November.

Let’s make November

National Be Brave Month.

What are you going to be brave at?

Maybe starting your own business

maybe learning a new skill

maybe confronting someone who is mistreating you

who knows


we all can be brave together


I love the blogging community!

An Alligator Took Woody’s Boots: A Lesson On Listening


This morning

around 4 am

at our house

an alligator took Woody’s boots….

You heard me right.

An alligator





As in Woody from Toy Story.

His boots!


Oh the tragedy!

The loss!

The drama!

It was Charlie’s first bad dream

that she was really able to explain.

She woke up and wanted me to lay with her

and after explaining the basics-

an alligator took Woody’s boots-

she fell easily back asleep.

When she awoke this morning

the dream must have been still

very clear

and vivid

in her mind.

She kept repeating

an alligator took Woody’s boots

an alligator took Woody’s boots

an alligator took Woody’s boots

an alligator took Woody’s boots

and oh did I mention

an alligator took Woody’s boots???

It was borderline hysterical

and pretty cute.

More and more of the dream

came out.

Her and Woody were swimming.

They didn’t have a boat.

An alligator chased them.

It got Woody’s boot!

But not Woody.

They had to get the boots back!

What an adventure she must have had.

She wasn’t really scared

and didn’t cry at all.

She just needed reassurance

 not understanding


a dream is.

Is it TV?

Is it real?

Must be confusing

having dreams

about all the new stuff

toddlers are encountering every day

and not even know what the heck a dream is.

So as much as I would love to say

I KNOW!!!!



Be quiet now!!!

I don’t.

I listen.

I act surprised.

I ask questions.

I reassure her it’s not real

that it’s like a TV

that it can even be kind of fun.

She needs to know it’s ok

and that it’s normal.

That mom has dreams too.

That it doesn’t mean an alligator will really get her boots.

Kids repeat things for a reason.

It’s not to annoy us.

It mean

“I need something.”


your attention,

your reassurance,

your help,

your guidance,

to know where boundaries are.

Let’s stop telling our kids to be quiet

and listen to them.

Dream or just in general.

Don’t we all want to be listened to?

If we want our kids to listen

when we speak

then we have to model that behavior

to them.


how will they know how to listen?

They aren’t going to magically wake up

and know how.

We can’t expect more from our kids

then we expect from ourselves.

Let’s focus on really listening

to what our kiddos

are telling us.

Even if it is

an alligator took Woody’s boots…

did I mention an alligator took Woody’s boots?

He did.

He took Woody’s boots.

Those boots be gone.