Renting and Essential Oils: How to make a rental home…

Capreit Apartment Rental - Ontario

image source:

We want to build a house.


we are renting our home.

Rentals are kind of like the image above

blank spaces

filled sometimes

with someone elses

cooking scents,

pet scents,

people scents…

lol you just never know what you are going to get

when you rent.

We are lucky that we are renting from family friend

and our house is lovely.

But I still love to use these oils to make it feel like our “home”

Essential oils are a great way

to make your rental

cleaner, calmer, and smell great.

I am going to share some simple tools,


and ways to use those oils

 in your rental.


If you are going to rent you need a diffuser.

A diffuser is a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer,

AND aromatherapy in one.


There are all kinds of blends

or “recipes”

of essential oils

you can diffuse in your diffuser

but one I want to share today I call:

Rental Odor Buster

5 drops Thieves,

7 drops Purification,

3 drops Lemon.

Put in the diffuser

and you are deodorizing the air,

killing bacteria,

and making your new home smell great.

It sucks old stale odors

out of the air.


After you

“clear the air”

you can start mixing

your own custom blends

to make the space feel cozy and personal.

Some of my favorites for this are



or stress away.

All are calming

and just make you want to melt

into a warm fuzzy blanket

and veg out on the couch

with some Netlixs.

Bonding time with your new pad right?

The last way I am going to share today

to use these amazing oils

in your rental

is making your own cleaner!


Freshen a dishwasher,

add tea tree oil and thieves to your mop water

or make your own custom cleaning spray.

You can use these oils to clean grout,



and just make you new space

smell GOOD.


The options to use these oils are really endless.

There are so many more ways to use them

to make a rental feel like home.

The Premium Starter Kit is a great place to start.

This offer makes the diffuser free

and gives you eleven oils to try.

Eleven oils!

That includes all that I mentioned today

plus some more!

That’s a lot of oil

for not a lot of money.

Get you some.

30, Flirty, and Thriving A Review…


A few weeks ago

in the haze of the flu

I turned 31.

And I started to notice


You know-

those things that nice people call


but mean, honest people call



Stupid little things.

So I tried not to panic.

Remain calm I told myself.


It’s probably just the flu

affecting your vision.

But the flu passed

and the wrinkles remained.

Blah again.

So I did what any self preserving

31 year old


mama does.

I headed to the pharmacy

to get some anti-aging products.

But I just didn’t want to spend

the money they were asking for

the chemical laden products.

Enter CAMFormulas

at just the right moment.

IMG_2092 sells

“healthcare practitioner grade vitamins,







and beauty products.”

They offered me the chance to test one of their products

of my choosing for a review.

And bam.

A beautiful healthcare relationship was formed.

Anti-aging cream

done and bought!


I went with

Dmae 1% Anti-Aging Gel 

it goes on incredibly light

and while you can feel it working

your face doesn’t feel tight

or uncomfortable.

I break out very easily

especially to fragrances

so this natural fragrance is

so refreshing and doesn’t irritate my skin at all.


My skin is brighter,

more youthful,

and within a week my fine lines

have started to fading.

With regular use

I can see this stuff really making an impact

on my unwelcome guests.

The other bonus

is that it takes such a small amount of product

that one little jar

will last you a loooong time

and many applications.


The shipping was processed super efficiently,

took only a few days to get to my door,

and the product lived up to my expectations.

So happy to have the chance to try

I am already looking at my wish list

and thinking about what I will purchase next.

*This post was a free product review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

The Aisle Not Take: An Ode To Target In Poetry Form…

The Aisle Not Taken
An Ode to Target in the form of the original poem
The Road Not Taken
By Robert Frost

Two aisles diverged in a Target Superstore, And sorry I could not shop them both And be one stay at home mom, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the lawncare row;

Then took the other, looking just as good And having perhaps the better sale, And because it was homeward and I wanted throw pillows; Though as for other shoppers passing there had won deals about the same,

And both aisles that morning equally lay In sections no other mom had blogged about yet. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing the milk will run out again, I never doubted I would come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh if I can even remember this: Two aisles diverged in a Target Superstore, and I — I took the one less shopped, And that has made all the difference.

The New Cinderella { A Review } …


Sunday evening

I snuck out with my mom and sisters

to see Disney’s new live action


As a person who complains

constantly on social media

about how much princess crap I have to watch

it was kind of ironic

that it was the movie I choose to see

on my “night off”.

I have to be honest

I was never really a

“Once upon a dream”

kind of girl

I was more a Little Mermaid

“I wanna be where the people are”

kind of girl.


 lemme tell you,


this movie will take you back

to your childhood

in the most wonderful way

and make you believe in fairytales again.


It is almost too much

for your eyes

and ears

to take in.

The sets are beautiful.

The costumes are beautiful.

The story is beautiful.


The culmination really puts you

into a fairytale fantasy world.

It was just amazing to watch.

The casting was so spot on

from the king,


to the step-mother,


to Cinderella,


and the Fairy Godmother,


they were all just


They had that essence

of their animated counterparts

but brought life

and realness

to the characters.


Lily James

as Cinderella was brilliant.

She plays the innocence and goodness

so well and true.

It’s extremely hard

to play the character


as a believable

without coming across as cheesy.


Lily James freakin’ nails it.

She is so beautiful

but it doesn’t matter

what she is wearing

it is the character

that she plays so well.


So genuinely

sweet and kind

yet so strong.

Very rare today

do we see a movie character

that all little girls

could look to as a role model.





these are tools

that will get you so far in life.


And the cherry on this

sundae with all the trimmings

was this beautiful quote…


And that

is what this movie was


Pure magic.

Inspired me to be a better person,

inspired my creativity,

and it inspired me

to buy an old puffy dress from Goodwill

to dye the most delicious shade of blue

and wear it around the house while I clean

and sing

“lavender’s blue dilly, dilly

lavender’s green”

Just kidding.

But seriously.

I’m getting the dress.


It is a movie that is both

from your childhood

but has been made new.

Made deeper,


and more real then I thought possible.

All while making you feel


once upon a dream.


I can tell you

with 100% positivity

if you are a girl

age 4+

you are going to love this movie because

it’s magical.

Just magical.

Make-It Monday Vol. 2…


A beautiful droopy spring bouquet that hangs on the wall…


A butterfly wreath…


Fresh Spring Rose Monogram…


Whimsical Butterfly Centerpiece


Pearls Made Into Springtime Nest

How to Force Tulip Bulbs in Water (640x800)[9]

How To Force Tulip Bulbs To Bloom


Springtime Embroidery Hoop Wall Installation


Tissue Paper Poppies


Gold Foil Letter Pots


Silk Daisy Wreath

Fun With Peplums…

What in the heck is a peplum???


A short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, or blouse to create a hanging frill or flounce. (in ancient Greece) a woman’s loose outer tunic or shawl.
I didn’t know either.
Maybe you knew
your more trendy
then the mom
living in the middle of a cornfield
where the closest store
is a Casey’s General Store gas station…
still feel cool?
this weird little shirt
that was like a fitted jacket
with a skirt
caught my eye
on PInterest.
Whaaaaat is that?
Skirt shirt?
Shirt Skirt?
And then under the picture I see
What the heck is a peplum?
Enter google.
Now that I know and understand what they are
I decide
I like peplums.
Now I want one.
I want a peplum!
I think I just like saying the word
Here is what I would get
if I didn’t risk the wrath
of he who balances the books.
He’s scary this week.
Usually he is pretty nice
but work has been rough on him.
So I will just post some pretty pictures
from Pinterest
to show you what I would buy
if I was in the masters good graces…
This chic white peplum shirt has a timeless and ageless appeal.  Nothing says spring to me more then a white shirt with jeans. So fresh and so clean, clean…TB it’s sold out…
This so gorgeously made peplum coat I would drool all over it if I ever had one to wear…this color is sold out but check out the Etsy shop LauraGalic for more fabulous color choices and looks…
Pretty as a picture in another springtime look, this peachy peplum paired with a blazer and holey jeans makes me swoon…check out the blog Penny Pincher Fashion for more from this stylish gal. I just added her blog to my daily reading…
This peplum bottom swimsuit with its classic sweetheart top and fun metallic bottom from Kortni Jeane has me thinking about possibly doing some crunches or whatever you fit people do to make your abs look no flabby and gross…
I love this black peplum top look from Luvalot for a spring wedding.  Chic enough to look fancysmachy but all the comfortability of wearing pants…
I love the fun pattern on this above the knee dress from, I don’t know if this qualifies as a peplum shirt but I would pair it with a pair of black leggings and some flats or boots, depending on the weather…
So are you feeling trendy enough to try the peplum with me?
I am thinking next date night out
I need me one of these.
I think they look great paired with
a beautiful statement necklace
-how would you style this look?
I also like how easy this look can be dress up
or dressed down for playtime in the park.
Great springtime look.
Can’t wait to try it.

How To Look Beautiful…


Preschoolers don’t lie.

Charlie prays nightly for my pimples…

When I worked in dentistry

I had older patients who would come in all the time

to have a silver filling replaced with a white composite filling

because a grandchild constantly pointed out

“the silver tooth”.

After this long winter

I was finding myself in a real slump.

Stuck at home

and using products I just wasn’t happy with

or didn’t know how to use properly.

My face was breaking out,


and just kind of tired and grey.

I decided to do a little research.

Research is my answer to everything.

Have a problem?

Research it.

Do something about it.


Project Make-up Remix

I didn’t want to just throw something in my cart

on my next trip to Meijer.

I wanted some intention behind

any purchases I needed to make.

I wanted some knowledge.

So I started watching these awesome

makeup tutorials on YouTube

on the channel


He. Is. Amazing.

And since he is a man

and he does the makeup on himself

you aren’t focused on how much better he looks then you

and how you will never achieve that look

because you just aren’t as pretty,

because you aren’t a dude

so how can you compare?

It makes you focus on the technique he is using

and the tips he is providing instead of comparing.

It has changed my life.


not my life

but definitely my makeup routine.

Almost immediately my husband noticed

“something was different”.

So it wasn’t



It’s just subtle differences

he couldn’t put his finger on

but made me feel like a makeup pro.

The past couple of days

instead of a constant sprinklings of

“mommy, I love you.”

there are random little pepperings of

“mommy, you’re so beautiful.”

mixed in.

In fact,

she has taken to telling strangers

how beautiful mommy is.

And as embarrassing as it is,

it sure beats,

“Dear God, thank you for my family, thank you for Jesus. Amen oh make mommy pimples better amen”


If you are a mom

stuck in a rut

take some time for yourself

and watch a few.

It’s not vain or a waste of time to make yourself feel good.

And it’s definitely something your daughter is aware of.

Let’s show our daughters to love themselves

and take care of themselves

by doing it ourselves.

I am the biggest advocate for sweatpants but

I had no idea my sweatpants

were effecting how I influenced my daughter

and her perception of me so much.

I mean I know I’m no Elsa but

are my Walmart brand boys sweatpants

really such a terrible look???

I say this

NOT because looks matter

but how we take care of ourselves matter.

It true and we all know it.

The better we look, the better we feel.

It all goes together.

Here are a few of my personal faves from my makeup remix…



Foundation and Concealer 

Under Eye Darkness

How To Find Your Eye Shape

Eyeliner For Your Shape

If you watch one,

you are going to watch them all.

I couldn’t stop watching.

He just breaks it down

and makes it so easy.

And I really got results

from drugstore brand makeup.

So go.


Thank me later.

I will keep you updated on the remix

and share some of the things

 that really work for me

as well as products I love

(or hate)…

Also, one more thing

I’m really thinking about subscribing to Ipsy Glam Bag.


for $40.00 worth of new product,

sometimes way more.

What’s not to like about that?

Why haven’t I done this already?

Who gets the Ipsy Glam Bag

and what do you think of it?

Lemme know!!!

Because my fingers are itching

to hit subscribe…