Anthropologie Snowball Garland DIY


Have you seen this beauty?

I fell in love with it

the minute

I saw it on my Instagram feed

as one of my favorite bloggers

of all time

decorated her tree.

And I thought sigh…

I can’t afford Anthopologie.


Anthropologie Snowball Garland

But then I thought


I can make pom-pons,

I can buy yarn and braid it,



So off to Walmart I went

and bam.

This tutorial was born

and so was

the greatest garland of all time.


Antropologie Snowball Garland DIY


What you will need:

glue gun

glue sticks


 4 rolls and must be thick and looks more authentic if it is white or cream and has flecks of an accent color 



To make the braid chain

cut three lengths of yarn.

It doesn’t matter how long

but you don’t want it too long

because it will make braiding difficult.

Tie a knot at the top,

like pictured above

and braid…

IMG_0776You don’t want a tight braid,

you want a nice chunky braid,

you could even do double layers of yarn

to make it thicker.

Eventually you will get to the end of your strings

and this is what you will do…


IMG_0778 IMG_0779 IMG_0780

And you just keep on braiding




until you have the length

you need to wrap around your tree.

For me it was about 6 arms lengths

of braid.


Knot the end

like you knotted the beginning.

Put a dot of hot glue

on the knot and bend back an inch

to create an end loop on both ends.

Now you are ready to make pom-pons…

IMG_0762 IMG_0763 IMG_0764 IMG_0765

You want to wrap the yarn around your hand a lot,

you want really fluffy pom-poms.

I wrapped mine forty times around my hand

but you can play around

to find the size of snowball that works for you.

You want to tie the string around the middle as

tight as possible!

This is key to making your snowball stay intact.

IMG_0766 IMG_0767 IMG_0768 IMG_0769


Then you have trim, trim, trim

until you have a perfectly shaped snowball.

I’m not gonna lie

it takes a lot of trimming to get them right.

You trim it how a hair dresser would trim

someone’s hair

making all the ends as even as possible.

I trimmed mine over a paper bag

while I started Downton Abbey

from Season One.

But it is worth it.

If your ends aren’t even

you won’t get that polished,

Anthropologie look.


And then all you do

is hot glue your snowballs

to your rope of braid.


And voila!

You have just made your own Anthropologie inspired snowball garland

for half the price!


IMG_0784 IMG_0786

Because of the color of yarn I choose and the accents of black

mine look more like pinecones I think.

But you can really choose any color you want!

This has truly been one of my favorite Anthropologie hacks

I have ever done…

Tree c/o: Conkeytown Christmas Tree Farm

Decking The Halls: Conkeytown Christmas Tree Farm…


christmas tree c/o: Conkeytown Christmas Tree Farm

Last Friday

we set out

in search for the perfect

Christmas tree

at Conkeytown Christmas Tree Farm

IMG_0541 IMG_0542 IMG_0543 IMG_0544

Man, oh, man-

did we hit the jackpot!!!


if I am being honest

all the credit goes to Charlie.

Ok ok

and Conkeytown for growing them : )

We arrived at the farm

which is down long winding country road

tucked back almost into the woods.

Sooo pretty.

Charlie hops out of the car.

We are greeted with a cheery hello and directions

on what trees are where

and a saw!

So convenient!

So sharp!

(unlike our saw)

And off we set to find

“the one”.

Charlie walks right up to a tree and says

“this one.”

IMG_0545 IMG_0547 IMG_0549 IMG_0550 IMG_0551 IMG_0554

I was thinking


she wants the first one she sees.

I wanted to find the best one

and now she was going to have her little heart

set on this one.

I look up at the tree

and low and behold

it’s literally the perfect tree.

So we went with it

and got the Charlie tree.

A Charlie Sjuts Christmas Tree.

IMG_0555 IMG_0556 IMG_0558 IMG_0561 IMG_0562 IMG_0563 IMG_0568 IMG_0570

It’s so pretty with just lights

that I almost don’t want to add anything else.

But you know I will.

Cause I have been an ornament making fool.

But after having a fake tree for the last 6 years

and now having a live one,

I think you really can’t beat a live tree.

It’s just a whole new level of festive

and the smell?

Love. Love. Love!

But my favorite part?

The tips of the branches

where it almost looks like a pinecone is forming.

It’s just so beautiful.

The top of the tree doesn’t need a star

or an angel.

Sometimes less is more

and just letting the true

natural beauty to come through

is best.

Doesn’t it make you want to curl up

with some Christmas tunes

and hot coffee?

IMG_0582 IMG_0592 IMG_0591 IMG_0594 IMG_0597 IMG_0598

Love it too?

Go to Conkeytown in Fithian Illinois.

It was easy to find,


not crowed or commercial.

They have White and Scotch Pines

for $30 (tax included).

They have this thing

called a shaker/baler

which I don’t know what the technical terms are

but it basically shakes the crap out the tree

making all the loose needles fall off

and then they shrink wrap your tree

in a net

- for-

wait for it,


Thus it can fit inside your Ford Explorer.

Just like you told your husband it would.

Because you are always right.

Be right.

Go to Conkeytown.


Saturdays 8-4pm

every Saturday until December 21st

15294 N. 450 East Rd

Fithian Illinois

It’s also dog friendly

as long as your fur kid is on a leash.

So fun!

I think we will make it a family tradition.

Do you cut down your own tree for Christmas time???

A DIY Anthropologie Christmas: It’s baaaaaack….


image source: Anthropologie Snowball Garland $38.00

Last year

due to having at home daycare

in my home

I didn’t do my annual

DIY Anthropologie Christmas.

I can’t even remember crafting too much.

I will see what I made

when I pull all the Christmas stuff out of storage today.


after seeing on my Instagram feed

this gorgeous garland from

who else?


And was inspired to make my own.

How hard can it be?



nothing I haven’t done before.

So look for a tutorial soon

on how to make your own

next week

as I kick off this years

DIY Anthropologie Christmas.


we are getting our tree,

starting to deck the halls,

staying warm and cozy

in comfy clothes,

and watching Christmas movies,

listening to She & Him Christmas album,

drinking anything hot and yummy.

You know-

just getting festive.

What are your plans for today???

Deep Thoughts: Black Friday…


I had never actually participated in Black Friday.

Last year I went and tried to

but it was INSANE.

I didn’t even buy anything

I just came home after 30 minutes.

I mean I couldn’t find where the lines started,

people were butting in with people they knew,

people had chairs…

it was surreal.

Like what the heck is enjoyable about this?

But I had to see

what all the hype was about

because you see

for the better part of 18-24

I was that person working

on Black Friday

and ahem


(Everyone has their panties in a wad

about Walmart people

working on Thanksgiving this year

when in reality

people have been working on Thanksgiving

missing time with their families

for a looooooong time.)

They are called servers

or if you want to be uncouth,

waiters and waitresses.

And we are the people who have been working holidays

since the beginning of time.

It’s nothing new.

So boycott away

but you aren’t going to change anything

for those Walmart workers.

Stores use to be closed on Sundays.

Stores use to not be open 24 hours a day.

Things change.

Don’t like it?

Get a better job.

Those jobs aren’t suppose to be cake walk.

You don’t get a job and automatically

get time off for certain days.

Some people gotta work no matter what.

There are jobs like that.

you gotta earn jobs like that.



Hospital staff?

All work holidays?

Still seem unfair?

With vacation time

and holidays off

those are earned things to have.

Not all jobs should have to offer that.

Days off are not a right.

Learn to work your way up.

I worked my share of holidays.

I’m not blaming anyone but myself

because I was the reason I had to work then.

Not the government,

not my parents,

not society,

not big business,


It was my life choices

that forced me into serving.

So I sucked it up

and worked the holidays.

No boycotting,

no whining,

no calling in sick.

I just freakin’ did it

and made sure that it wasn’t going to always to be like that.


I did also learn

 that Black Friday Shoppers

are meanies!

And cheap!

Sorry I’m not sorry.

Here is my perspective

as a former server on Black Friday.

Hey ladies

don’t spend money all day long

and then go out to eat

and order 1/2 a salad

and water with lemon

and leave a $2 tip.

Those people have to work all day long,

 many times double shifts

to accommodate all you bargain shoppers

and you all come in leaving piddly little tips.

Don’t spend hundreds and then stiff the people

working so that you can have your special shopping day.

Be grateful they are there.

Treat the workers with appreciation and kindness.

Don’t push

or be a creeper who stands behind someone

hoping they will put what they have in their hands


Just don’t do it.

It’s not a good look.

Let’s try to be classy Black Friday Shoppers

this year.

Let’s wait in line patiently.

Let’s wave to our friends but still go back to the back of the line

where we belong.

Let’s only take what we really need

not just take because it’s cheap.

Let’s practice manners

and kindness in front of the kids who are out.

And let’s remember

in the end

all it is is STUFF!


And it’s not worth hurting people over.

People first.

Black Friday second.


A deal is just a deal.

To me Black Friday just doesn’t start my holiday season

off on the right foot.

Here is what I do on Black Friday.

I put up my tree

and get out all my Christmas goodies.

I turn on She & Him Christmas album.

I craft

and enjoy leftovers.

And this year we are going to cut down our tree

at Conkeytown!

(win your own over here)

Because I have no need

to get that flat screen

and I have no need to indulge Charlie

by waiting in the cold

to buy her

that ONE toy

that she just has to have.

I would rather spend my day with my family.

Which is what the holidays are really about.

I think if we bring the focus away from material things

and move towards simplicity

Black “Thursday”

will naturally go away.

Without petitions,

without boycotts,

by actions.

By teaching our kids what the holiday season is all about.

And they aren’t going to learn that

in line on Black Friday.

But that just my humble opinion as a former server

who hates Black Friday.

But Cyber Monday?

That I can get into.

Big time.

Ruby Bleu???

You listening?

I’m coming for you Monday.

And I’d don’t think it will be Christmas shopping.

: )

A Focus On Gratitude…

IMG_1610 copya

image source: all the beautiful things

Isn’t easy to get lost

in the daily grind?

The commute to work,

folding the laundry,

putting the kid(s) to bed.

Somewhere in all that we start

to just go through the motions,

getting all pissy when things don’t go

juuuuuuuust so.


we feel just




And then we excuse all sorts of bad behavior


you know,

things didn’t meet our expectations.

Our first world expectations.

We get so caught up in life

we forget to look around

at the wonder

that is our life.

The running water,

the medicine,

the shopping,


We forget to look around

and realize

just how lucky we are.

I was inspired

and encouraged

this week by a post

someone shared on Facebook

with a list of daily motherly grievances


dirty dishes in the sink

laundry (do you see a laundry theme here???)

dinner to make

and for each annoying task

it listed

it countered that grievance

with a gratitude


food to eat

clothes to wear




And I just loved it.

Because if there is one thing I practice daily

it’s gratitude.

This is not something to just focus on

around Turkey Day.

It should leak into every aspect of your life

It should soak every situation where you start to feel annoyed.

Do you know how much of my temper

I have tamed with gratitude???

When I found myself angry I would think about it

and instead of focusing on what made me angry

I would focus on what the situation I was in

made me grateful for

and then I focus on that.

So say I’m late

and I’m annoyed

and someone is driving

 soooooo slow in front of me


a tractor….

If you have ever been stuck behind a tractor

when you are late

then you know the rage

that boils up inside of you

almost involuntary

 I am talking about.

So instead of zig zagging

back and forth trying to pass them.

I just roll with it.

If I can pass

then I pass.

If I can’t

then where in the world am I going

that its so important

that I need to endanger lives

of others

of my childs

with my impatience

or inability to be on time???


I think about that farmer

that he is growing food

and growing the economy

and how safe we are

tucked away in the heartland

if ever there was a zombie apocalypse

and we needed food

and to restart society.

When the world is ending I’m going to Royal Illinois.

It will be the safest place on earth


Plenty of people who believe in the second amendment

And two taverns.

Life will go on like nothing happened

and it will be safe as S&*%

And then,


The tractor turns

and I have completely avoided anxiety,

practiced gratitude,

and made an emergency zombie apocalypse plan.

Talk about multitasking!


You should try it.

When you are in an annoying situation this week

practice gratitude

and see where it takes you.

I hope it carries you right into the holiday season

with a heart full

of it.

Conkeytown Christmas Tree Farm: A Giveaway…



You guuuuuys

it’s beginning to look a lot like


or at least like Christmas Tree Farm season


I have a surprise for you!!!

Know how I was all

I have more giveaways coming up

so stay tuned?!?


I have another one

to announce today!!!

Cause I am that cool

ok, ok, ok

Conkeytown Christmas Tree Farm is that cool.

Conkeytown is a family owned

Christmas tree farm

specializing in

White and Scotch  Pines

that you get to cut down yourself!

I don’t know about you

but to me

there is no better way to start

the festivities

the putting up your Christmas tree.

I’m so excited because

the day after Thanksgiving

 we are going to cut down

our first live Christmas tree

as a family at Conkeytown.

This is a really cool Christmas tradition

I can’t wait to start with our family.

And to have the smell on fresh pine

scenting the air of the farmhouse


pure holiday bliss.

Better then compost-no?

I am reading up

on how to keep it alive

and beautiful


a loooooooong time ago,

like our first Christmas living together,

so 6ish years ago???

I got a real tree.

And I decorated it

and it was so pretty

and I was just so proud.

And then it just died.

I mean dead as a doornail

fire hazard


At least a month before Christmas.

So disappointing


since I had been watering it

and taking care of it

or so I thought.

Check this out for tips

on keeping your tree alive and well

this holiday season!

Want your own chance to cut down your own tree

for free

at Conkeytown Christmas Tree Farm??????

Then enter our Thanksgiving Giveaway

for a free

White Pine

or Scotch Pine

Christmas tree.

You will be able to head out to the farm

and make a Christmas memory

fo’ free!

Winner will be announced

Thanksgiving Day.

You have until Wednesday night at midnight to enter.

If you don’t win

but still want the family tradition

of cutting down your own tree

on a beautiful picturesque farm

-and also love supporting

small family owned business like I do-

Here is more information

to plan your trip!

Conkeytown Christmas Tree Farm, 15294 N. 450 E Road, Fithian.

For more information, call 493-4810.

Open until Dec. 22. Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sundays only – except the Friday after Thanksgiving

Or click below to enter to a free White or Scotch Pin!

a Rafflecopter giveaway