Easter Craft Tutorial: Hand Blown Eggs and DIY Nests…


Hand blown Easter eggs

are a cheap and easy way

to create some special family heirlooms.

I remember making these with my mom

when I was a little girl.

She wrapped embroidery floss in different colors

around ours.

I always looked forward to getting those

fragile little beauties

out of the holiday box

every year.

Today I am going to share with you

the simple technique

of blowing out eggs

and getting them ready

to do a number of decorative things.

You can leave them plain.

Paint them.

Wrap them with embroidery floss.

Modge-Podge dried flowers on them.

Options are endless.

Hand Blown Easter Egg Tutorial

what you need:


// brown chicken eggs,

// some kind of dried craft “grass”

(^^^ usually found in the floral arranging department of craft stores)

// thumb tack

// toothpick

// a couple of kitchen bowls

// dish soap

// 1 drop thieves essential oil

First Step: Get a bowl of soapy water, not too warm, luke warm works best. You don’t want to scramble your eggs on the inside. ; ) Wash the outside of your eggs and dry them off gently. Gently is a term you will hear a lot in this post.

Second Step: Gently poke a small hole in each end of the egg with the thumb tack



Third Step: Make hole on the bottom of the egg (the wider end) using the toothpick. YOU MUST BE GENTLE AND GO SLOW!!! 


Forth Step: Blow out the insides of the egg using the small hole on top and pointing the larger hole on the bottom over a bowl you have set aside for this purpose. Save the egg yokes and whites for a fritata recipe I will share with you at the end of the post.


Fifth Step: Once egg is empty place it back into bowl of soapy water to soak. And repeat steps 2-4 for all your eggs.


Step Six: Wash the inside of eggs gently letting them fill with water and letting it run out. You can swish it around the inside of the egg. I put a little Thieves Essential Oil in my water to kill bacteria.  But you can just rinse them throughly till the water runs clean.  Then let them dry.



Step Seven: Place them into little nests made with craft grass and sprinkle through out your home for instant spring cheer or the perfect Easter tablescape inspiration.  

IMG_2317Now you are thinking

what do I do with all this egg junk

that I blew out???

That’s easy

you make dinner with it.

Waste not,

want not.

I made this yummy fritata recipe by

Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman.

I use her recipes whenever I crave a yummy

family pleasing recipe.

She has never failed me yet.

(And I swear her recipes make my husband love me more-

she knows the key to a man’s stomach)

Happy Egging!!!

April Showers Bring May Flowers: Flower Arranging 101

Flower Arranging Tips from 906


image source: somethingturquoise.com

Florist tape is your best friend: How do they create those elegant  vases that just seem to be so perfectly arranged? They tape off a grid using florist tape just like this awesome tutorial from somethingturquoise.com


Use interesting containers: I like to use pitchers, watering cans, even baskets to display my flowers. Think outside the box and remember you can always put the flowers in a glass container and tuck it inside another vessel that isn’t waterproof.  I love this idea of using a basket that hangs on the wall to display spring flowers from The Inspired Room

Spring Front Door - The Inspired Room - Love the Home You Have

image source: theinspiredroom.com

Use a couple different containers of various sizes: This is fun way to display flowers. I have even seen on Facebook a friend use antique milk glasses in a wire milk bottle basket with a single bloom near a vase full of the same flowers. The tapering of flowers from just a single bloom to a more full container adds interest.


image source: ApartmentTherapy.com

Don’t forget to add other things besides flowers: You want some greenery and foliage in there too.  Herbs or small tree branches or stems with pods are a great way to add texture and interest to your bouquet. It is also a way to add a little height. Can you spot the rosemary in the bouquet below?


image source: onefabday.com

906’s Very First Workshop…


I’m pleased as punch

to announce

that 906 E Chic

is putting on it’s first ever


My brother who is a local sub-contractor

and I

will teach you to make a beautiful

French Country Wall Clock

from a pallet.

Come on out to the farm to enjoy

some yummy food

and work on your crafty

and handyman skills.

Timid about wielding a drill?

Don’t know the proper way to swim a hammer?

We will teach you how

and it will look so cute!

I’m thinking straw bales with blankets

a donut bar,

it will be a little escape to the farm.

All supplies are covered in your $30 cost

and you walk away with a completed project

and a goodie bag!

Great deal!

Come on out

and be a part of

906’s first ever workshop-

part of

The Pinterest Project

which I will be doing all spring

and summer.

Let’s get crafty!

Rural King aka Farm Target


I must admit.

I am addicted to Rural King.

I can’t say it

but I am addicted.


I attempt to say the word


I completely fail.

I should be able to say it.

I live in rural Illinois

but I cannot.

I cannot at all

and I think

every time I try to say it

Ryan seriously doubts his decision

to marry me

-just for a minute

and then he realizes

I am not completely stupid.

I just can’t say



or ambulance.

It comes out more like


I don’t know what happens.

It’s like my brain

doesn’t connect with my tongue.


back to Rural King.

What is it you are asking?

You must not be a farmer

because any good farmer

shops at Rural King.

It’s a farm supply store.

Cute rubber boots are optional

but I highly recommend them.

Charlie choose to rock a Princess Sofia dress

but I opted for a more subtle vibe

with my springy plaid rubber boots

and leggings.

Must have been rocking that farm girl look

because I had a stage five clinger

stalking me in the chicken section.

Kept talking up his chicken game.

I was like dude

I’m here with my three year old, bed head,

and I’m buying a rabbit…

I am obviously some other farmer’s trophy wife so back off.

lol I kid.

I’m no trophy wife

and my husband is certainly not a farmer.

I don’t have the abs

and he doesn’t have the tractor driving ability.

So far

every time I go Rural King

I come home with some kind of creature.


so far no creepy men.

First it was five baby chicks

and yesterday it was a baby bunny.



The boss wasn’t happy about the bunny.

I can’t be stopped.

They had turkeys.

I had to say no.

What would I do with a turkey?

Oh wait…

eat it for Thanksgiving.

I haven’t even made it out of the poultry section

but it has already started to beckon to me.

They have stuff like giant rubber floor mats you can have cut to size.

I mean where else can you get that?

And where else do you need it other then a farm?! lol

You wanna know why old men always have the best candy?

Because they shop at places like Rural King

and they have the best candy aisles ever.

You can even buy clothes there.

I need farmer overalls.

Like the kind you were when it starts getting a little colder.

And maybe some boots.

And tools.

And hay.

And chicken nesting boxes.

And of course another bunny

so they can get married

and have little baby bunnies

that I can sell back to Rural King for them to sell.

Pretty genius right?

I’m a woman with a plan.

And the plan is a farm.

Right now

I am reading up on starting your garden

and composting.

I have no lack of compost.

Cows make a lot of it you see

and I’m sure if I asked nicely

Farmer Dave would let me use some.

We have been cleaning out under all the trees and clearing away derbies from winter.

It has felt good to be out in the in the sunshine

getting to work.

Winter was long

but isn’t that what makes the spring so sweet?

Seeing each little bud come out of the ground

and onto the trees

and the grass turning green.

I may have new shopping obsession that doesn’t involve


but Target

you will always be my first love.

I just have farm stuff to do now…

***The chicken above is Louisa, she is the most curious and adventurous of the flock, but Vicki is a close second going on a two day adventure in the wild of the back yard before returning home to the warm nest. The others are Truly, Zelda, and Clementine.

Renting and Essential Oils: How to make a rental home…

Capreit Apartment Rental - Ontario

image source: renterspages.com

We want to build a house.


we are renting our home.

Rentals are kind of like the image above

blank spaces

filled sometimes

with someone elses

cooking scents,

pet scents,

people scents…

lol you just never know what you are going to get

when you rent.

We are lucky that we are renting from family friend

and our house is lovely.

But I still love to use these oils to make it feel like our “home”

Essential oils are a great way

to make your rental

cleaner, calmer, and smell great.

I am going to share some simple tools,


and ways to use those oils

 in your rental.


If you are going to rent you need a diffuser.

A diffuser is a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer,

AND aromatherapy in one.


There are all kinds of blends

or “recipes”

of essential oils

you can diffuse in your diffuser

but one I want to share today I call:

Rental Odor Buster

5 drops Thieves,

7 drops Purification,

3 drops Lemon.

Put in the diffuser

and you are deodorizing the air,

killing bacteria,

and making your new home smell great.

It sucks old stale odors

out of the air.


After you

“clear the air”

you can start mixing

your own custom blends

to make the space feel cozy and personal.

Some of my favorites for this are



or stress away.

All are calming

and just make you want to melt

into a warm fuzzy blanket

and veg out on the couch

with some Netlixs.

Bonding time with your new pad right?

The last way I am going to share today

to use these amazing oils

in your rental

is making your own cleaner!


Freshen a dishwasher,

add tea tree oil and thieves to your mop water

or make your own custom cleaning spray.

You can use these oils to clean grout,



and just make you new space

smell GOOD.


The options to use these oils are really endless.

There are so many more ways to use them

to make a rental feel like home.

The Premium Starter Kit is a great place to start.

This offer makes the diffuser free

and gives you eleven oils to try.

Eleven oils!

That includes all that I mentioned today

plus some more!

That’s a lot of oil

for not a lot of money.

Get you some.

30, Flirty, and Thriving CamFormulas.com: A Review…


A few weeks ago

in the haze of the flu

I turned 31.

And I started to notice


You know-

those things that nice people call


but mean, honest people call



Stupid little things.

So I tried not to panic.

Remain calm I told myself.


It’s probably just the flu

affecting your vision.

But the flu passed

and the wrinkles remained.

Blah again.

So I did what any self preserving

31 year old


mama does.

I headed to the pharmacy

to get some anti-aging products.

But I just didn’t want to spend

the money they were asking for

the chemical laden products.

Enter CAMFormulas

at just the right moment.


CAMFormulas.com sells

“healthcare practitioner grade vitamins,







and beauty products.”

They offered me the chance to test one of their products

of my choosing for a review.

And bam.

A beautiful healthcare relationship was formed.

Anti-aging cream

done and bought!


I went with

Dmae 1% Anti-Aging Gel 

it goes on incredibly light

and while you can feel it working

your face doesn’t feel tight

or uncomfortable.

I break out very easily

especially to fragrances

so this natural fragrance is

so refreshing and doesn’t irritate my skin at all.


My skin is brighter,

more youthful,

and within a week my fine lines

have started to fading.

With regular use

I can see this stuff really making an impact

on my unwelcome guests.

The other bonus

is that it takes such a small amount of product

that one little jar

will last you a loooong time

and many applications.


The shipping was processed super efficiently,

took only a few days to get to my door,

and the product lived up to my expectations.

So happy to have the chance to try CAMFormulas.com

I am already looking at my wish list

and thinking about what I will purchase next.

*This post was a free product review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

The Aisle Not Take: An Ode To Target In Poetry Form…

The Aisle Not Taken
An Ode to Target in the form of the original poem
The Road Not Taken
By Robert Frost

Two aisles diverged in a Target Superstore, And sorry I could not shop them both And be one stay at home mom, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the lawncare row;

Then took the other, looking just as good And having perhaps the better sale, And because it was homeward and I wanted throw pillows; Though as for other shoppers passing there had won deals about the same,

And both aisles that morning equally lay In sections no other mom had blogged about yet. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing the milk will run out again, I never doubted I would come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh if I can even remember this: Two aisles diverged in a Target Superstore, and I — I took the one less shopped, And that has made all the difference.